Why can’t we ship?

We are considered a ‘cottage food operation’ by the state of Michigan. As a cottage food operator we are not allowed to sell online and ship. So for now we can sell on line but we have to physically hand the product directly to the consumer. So local pickup, roadside stand and farm markets, etc. We are pursuing the necessary measures that will let us sell and ship online. For now we are willing to deliver anywhere within the 49417 zip code.

Whole Bean vs Ground Coffee

We sell all of our coffees in whole bean packages. This is because coffee begins oxidation once it has been ground. Your beans have oil and aromatic properties that are released by grinding – this is why we suggest only grinding what you need prior to brewing. If, however you don’t own a grinder and don’t want to buy a grinder, you can order your coffee ground from Devine Brew. Just click the “Grind it!” checkbox and we’ll grind it for you. If you do plan on buying a grinder, we suggest a burr grinder over blade grinders. Burr grinders will give you a more even grind.

Now pour a cup, take a long smell of that wonderful aroma, sip and smile. 🙂

Why does your coffee have such weird names?

My very first coffee was a dark Colombian. It tasted wonderful and at the time my cat Mojo was in and out of the basement area where I was roasting it. So I named it after him : Mr. Mojo. I liked the idea of naming my coffees after beloved animals because they, like my coffees are / were unique. Most of the pets featured have sadly gone over the rainbow bridge but they are still in my heart and it makes me smile just seeing their names on the bags of my favorite coffee’s.