My name is Steve Devine and roasting coffee beans is my passion. I first started roasting coffee beans in 2008 with a small (1/2 cup) commercial roaster. I then learned that I could do the same thing in a popcorn popper. Since then I have roasted coffee in three different popcorn poppers, a bread machine / heat gun, a small electric frying pan style and a flour sifter / heat gun. I now use a small drum roaster called the Behmore 2000. Regardless of the method you can be sure I work hard to roast and deliver the best coffee I know how.

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More about our coffee below …

Closeup of roasted beans

Our beans are sourced from wholesale buyers who regularly travel around the world to coffee farms in exotic places like Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, Indonesia, Peru and many more.

Because freshness and taste is our major concern your coffee will be roasted, bagged and shipped within hours of your order. We ship all of our coffee in whole bean. It is generally felt that coffee begins degrading as soon as it is ground. If you need it ground prior to shipment please check the Grind it box when placing your order.

Hand picking coffee cherries
Roasted beans in a burlap bag